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Systems/Product Design - at any stage

Grabau Innovations offers a range of services to bring your product to life. Our-in house capabilities include:

Of course, there's more to it than that. Our systems also include (where appropriate):

and more!

Prototype to Market

We can get your current prototype accross the line (out the door). Scaling a product can be a separate effort all in itself. Relying on prototype or evaluation hardware may be appealing, but leaves you vulnerable to supply chain issues. You can't sell what you can't make!

Having us perform an asessment of your product can spare you the heartache of missed sales due to stock shortages. Failing to address manufacturability concerns will plague efficiency and have a direct impact on your profits.

Legacy Products

There are cost effective ways to enchance your existing systems to maximize your ROI by driving more sales. We will never jump to recommend replacing something that is working well for you.

Product Lifecycle Management

Incorrect or insufficient product lifecycle management hits your bottom line. We can:

BOM Analysis

Component shortages can leave you in a bad position. Either you're forced to deal with alternate vendors (sometimes receiving questionable parts), facing significant increases to get the quantity you need, or eliminating . BOM analysis focuses on two key areas:

  1. Immediate concerns - components that are end of life or completely unavailable
  2. Approaching concerns - potential problems on the horizon

We'll provide you with options to for addressing your concerns and reducing or eliminating the impact to your sales and margins.

Team-Building and Mentoring

Struggling to add senior resources to your current team? Of course, you recognize your less experienced resources will struggle to reach their full potential without that critical mentoring role. The market for experienced talent remains tight.

We've got a novel solution for you - have your employees mentored by a team with vast experience across several industries. We'll provide guidance on best practices, but more importantly how these techniques can be immediately applied to their current assignments. Look no further to get your team to produce reliable, cost-effecitve, and client-delighting solutions.