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About Us


Grabau Innovations was founded and is led by Mathew Grabau, M.Sc., P.Eng., after over a decade of experience implementing connected products and systems. While completing a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, Mathew honed a deep understanding of embedded systems design and expanded his expertise to include cloud-connected systems, data analysis, mobile apps, and more. His work covers several sectors, including completing projects for brands such as Caterpillar and Holley EFI. Mathew's experience led him curate a suite of best practices that prioritize customer satisfaction and exceed expectations.

At Grabau Innovations, we recognize understanding the "why" is paramount to success. Mathew realized early on that grasping why a customer would want to use a product, how they stand to benefit from it, and why they might not want to use it, is crucial to delivering the best possible outcome. That's why we extend this philosophy to understand your target audience and ensure that our work best serves the ultimate VIP - your customer.

Today, Mathew oversees all system designs to ensure that Grabau Innovations delivers ultimate quality. In working with our team, you gain access to Mathew's domain knowledge, discipline, rigorous standards, and the vast network that he’s developed while working with the best in industry.


We are proudly located in Winnipeg, MB Canada.