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Our Process

Our process begins with the critical part of every project or effort worth undertaking. To get started on the right foot, we'd like to understand your "why".

Product Analysis (Specifiation)


The most important factor in any product is addressing the needs and interests of the customers. That's why we start with why. Specifically, we've identified three main points to consider:

  1. Why is your customer interested in your product in the first place?
  2. Why will a customer benefit from using your product?
  3. Why wouldn't your customer want to use your product?

After seeing countless systems and products realized, we believe that all three are important. The last one is essential to producing a delightful product. Considering the pitfalls and hangups will ensure that you solve/mitigate and begin eliminating the barriers.

That's why we want to know - because it means that we won't just arrive at a solution, we'll arrive at the right solution. You may have heard of A/B testing, but htat

So what to do if you don't know the answers to those questions yet? Reach out anyways! We're glad to help with the discovery.


Ongoing feedback and dialog is critical to esnuring that all parties are aligned and happy. When moving from specification to implementation, we don't shut the door. While there are some elements that are more difficult to revise, we know that circumstances can change. It varies between projects, but we prefer finding methods for getting rapid verification in place. What that means is totally dependent on your project!


Quality is not an extra or upgrade. We’ve spent years developing a toolbox for fast, meaningful feedback that saves time and money. Our approach ensures you deliver the highest quality possible to your customer, regardless of individual system nuances.

The fast and meaningful feedback model is a critical component that is missing from a lot of naive agile approaches. You might have heard of agile develompent (which is common in software development projects). It can be a polarizing topic, but we know the real problem is in the way it's executed.

Of course, some elements in a system are harder to get the feedback loop in palce - typically those associated with hardware timelines. We'll let you know what those are at the outset. If you've heard of agile development (a common project management style for software development), then you may have heard mixed reviews or feedback. While there are many reasons for this, lack of fast feedback (a critical piece in Agile).

Ongoing Support

Product Lifecycle Management

Any non-trivial system/product may require ongoing support or fine-tuning. Rest assured, we're here for the ride.